About Me

I have been helping people transform their lives for over 30 years.  In my early 20’s I started volunteering for a crisis centre, within a short time I was employed as the Youth Services Coordinator. My job description included, training new volunteers, counselling individuals, facilitating support groups and workshops.  After ten years in the non-profit sector, I moved over to Public Service, spending the last nine years as a part of the management team in an RCMP 911 communications centre.  I have facilitated both Suicide Intervention and Mental Readiness training, (R2MR), for members of the RCMP and the public. I’ve been a member of the ERT (SWAT) team for 11 years, yet also a peer to peer support person for the RCMP.  I am trained in Critical Incident Debriefings and Crisis Counselling with the Justice Institute. 

With a successful career in the RCMP and being groomed for my next big promotion and pay raise, a decision to travel alone to India and complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training changed everything! 

When I returned home and to work, I shocked everyone by bravely, (at least outwardly), announcing my decision to demote and go ½ time.  A decision based on my desire for a more holistic, balanced approach to life.  I have chosen a gentler path, (well other than fear of giving up my pay cheque and pensionable income!)

Change does not have to include a change in career or lifestyle, but it can.  When I left for India, I had no intention of teaching yoga to anyone but me.  However, things fell into place, (thank you universe!) and next thing I knew I was teaching yoga at the local police department.

As a divorced single mother of three daughters, I lived in a time when I constantly felt “on the go” and pulled in a thousand different directions.  When my girls were young, I was fortunate to work in the social services field where I gathered many tools to assist me to navigate those times.  It was also during those years when I picked up some not so healthy coping skills, and those were often easier to access, so they became my primary tools. Over time the foundation began to crumble, and I had to start over.  Today, what I know to be true,  is often the worst times in our life teach us best lessons and when we break free, the beautiful life we were meant to have is there waiting for us.

I have been blessed to watch dear souls once lost, find their way, and blessed to have been a once lost soul.  I have been lost and I have been found.  Through that process I learned a lot about people, choices, loss, growth and especially myself.  I know that change is inevitable, and growth is optional.  Some of the toughest times in my life have been when deep down I knew change was inevitable, yet was unwilling to let go. I did not want to surrender. I was afraid.  I believe when we live in fear, there is no room for faith. When faith found a way, I finally let go and oh, what a ride!  I remember what it is like when it hurts to breathe. Today there is nothing like the joy of a deep belly laugh or the serenity of a beautiful sunrise.  Gratitude is the key to freedom and courage the way through the door.