Leadership- Employee Wellness

Police work is one of the most stressful occupations on the planet and I have been working in front line policing for over 14 years – eleven of those years as a member of the ERT (SWAT) team and nine in a management position.  I have also had the privilege to hold space with those I work beside as a peer to peer support person.  I facilitate the RCMPs mental health training, teaching members in the office and on the road how to take care of their mental wellbeing despite the stresses of the job.  Through the years both in the policing environment and outside of it I have facilitated hundreds of workshops.  From employee wellness to suicide intervention.  By creating safe supportive environments participants have been able to share their stories and together we have healed old wounds, developed new skills or just learned how to get along better! 

It is proven fact that employees don’t leave jobs, they leave supervisors and workplace illness cost employers billions of dollars a year in this country.   Let’s talk about what is going on in your organization and I will develop and facilitate training for your employees. 


Stress Management

Mental Resilience Training

Heart Math

Suicide Awareness Training

Effective Communication

Team Building