Life Coaching

Transforming our lives can be very challenging to work though alone, which is where having a life coach can be beneficial.  Sometimes we need someone outside of the situation, to see what is going on from a different perspective, who can offer different insights.  When building or renovating our lives we not only need tools, but we often we need guidance in how to use those tools.  In construction they call it a journeyman program, in life we call it coaching.  Without change we would have no births, no birds and no butterflies.  Although often scary, unwanted and unknown transformation can also be beautiful and exciting.  Sometimes life gives us no time to prepare for change, life doesn’t always ask our opinion but changes everything anyway. Other times transformation shows up in the form of a small subtle voice, almost a whisper, nagging and urging.  At that time, it is our choice to change or not. We get to decide which path the take, or not choose at all which is also actually a choice!  Although living by default is a heartbreaking way to go, believe me I did for quite a while.

If you are ready to take steps towards transformation, let me help you find the clarity, strength and focus needed to overcome obstacles while maintaining a healthy balance.  Together we will find a sacred place were vulnerability is safe and honesty is our guide.  In that safe place, together we will find out what your most authentic self wants, what your soul craves, how you want to feel, and we will come up with a plan to get you there.  I will help you use practical strategies that will reduce daily stresses and anxieties.  These strategies will enable you to make better choices so that both your career and personal life are more manageable, joyful and fulfilling.  We will use proven tools to assist you in finding your authentic answers and paths to obtainable goals.

Together we will:

Help you see clearly where you are right now

Envision where you want to go – set goals-  get clear

Find a holistic healthy path to your authentic life

Move in a safe and supported way towards those goals