Yoga, oh beautiful yoga! Beautiful and scary and intimidating!! When I decided to travel to India and take my 200-hour yoga teacher training I was not planning on teaching yoga to anyone but me!  I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 20 years and it has always been a calming, strengthening, grounding force in my life.  I wanted to take the teacher training to understand the core of yoga from it’s authentic source.  I was craving the spiritual side of yoga and so off I went. 

However, life had its own plans for me and yoga; next thing I knew I was teaching at the police detachment and loving it!  Now I feel drawn to share yoga with those who have never truly experienced it.  If you have never tried yoga or tried but it was too intimidating, then let’s work together!  I have a small studio at my home in beautiful West Kelowna and offer one on one or small beginner classes for those who want to break through their fear and enjoy the spiritual joy of yoga.

Together we will learn the basics.  Breath, movement, wholeness, I will teach you basic asanas (poses), together we will move through sun salutations and learn to flow! When you are ready, I will take you to your first yoga class at a local studio of your choice and from there you will be on your own to continue your personal yoga journey!  Contact me and let’s get started!!

Stay tuned for Yoga retreats in the future!!  Email me if you like to be added to my email list and I will be sure to keep you posted and let you know of upcoming dates and locations.